Competition Rules

Entry to Competitions

Fully paid up Members may enter up to :
2 x Monochrome prints : 2 x Colour Prints : 2 x Open Prints to each general competition.

  1. All entries must originate from the photographic image taken by the member.
  2. Prints may not be entered again once they have gained a score of 18 or above in a competition, nor may they be renamed or reprinted for entry into another General Competition.
  3. All prints must be mounted and labelled – for details see Mounting Notes.
  4. No print may be entered more than twice. (Excluding the All Winners Competition).
    Prior to each competition, the Competition Secretary, or a nominated deputy, will advise members of the closing date. This will normally be midnight on the Friday before the competition. A label template will be made available to members. This or a reasonable facsimile must be used to identify all entries. Members must send their titles to the Competition Secretary (or nominated deputy) before the closing date. Email submission is preferred, but text messaging may be used by prior arrangement. Between the closing date and the day of the competition, the Competition Secretary, or a nominated deputy, will advise all entrants of the numbers to be written on the label. On the evening of a competition, the hall will be open for set-up from 7pm. All entries must be displayed by 7:20pm to give the judge time to peruse the pictures before the formal judging. Late entries will not be accepted. When a theme has been set for a class or competition, images must conform to that theme. Images that do not comply may be excluded.

Macro Competition -Special Rules

Members may enter up to three prints to the competition and they
must be from the members’ own image. Digital manipulation
including focus stacking is permitted. For a true macro image the
image must be no larger than your camera’s sensor. As different
cameras have different size sensors we will use a working rule of
thumb that the longest dimension of the original image should be
no more than one inch (25mm)

Any non macro image will be disqualified.

Mounting notes

  1. All prints must be card mounted and clearly marked with a printed label affixed to the rear of the picture, at the top right hand corner when viewed from the back. This label should include Author’s Name; Picture Title; Competition Category, Print Number and Date of Entry. Any print not clearly labelled will be excluded.
  2. Mounts can be at the discretion of the author and must include a card backing to protect the print. It should be noted that the judge may comment on the suitability of a mount and could affect his/her decision.
  3. Mounts that are considered liable to cause damage to other prints will be disqualified. ie Velcro pads or poor mounting tape.
  4. Mounts should not normally be larger than 40 by 50 cm (15¾ by 19¾ inches). Mounts for panoramic prints may exceed 50 cm in length provide the shorter dimension is reduced to keep the total area under 2000 sq cm (311 sq inches).

Manipulation – what is and isn’t allowed

Manipulation allowed in Colour & Mono Classes
In line with the East Anglia Federation rules, the club has decided that limited digital manipulation of colour and monochrome prints IS permissible, provide such manipulation does not alter the “truth” of the photographic image.

  • Any image may be rotated
  • Any image may be cropped :
  • Global or local adjustments may be made to exposure, brightness, contrast and colour
  • You may lighten (dodge) or darken (burn) any element or elements within the image
  • Colour temperature may be changed (equivalent to using a warm-up or cool-down filter on the lens)
  • Spot removal of sensor or lens artefacts is allowed
  • Converging verticals may be enhanced or reduced (equivalent to tilting the baseboard under an enlarger)
  • Sharpening is permissible
  • Addition, moving or removal of elements within the image is prohibited.
  • Any method of desaturation may be employed to generate a monochrome image.
  • Monochrome images will consist of ONE colour and white only. The choice of colour is left to the photographer.
  • Spot colour is NOT permitted in these classes. Such images must be entered in the Open class.

Manipulation in Open Class
There are no limits to the amount of manipulation employed on an image in this class. Such manipulation may not always be apparent to the viewer – or may be extreme and readily apparent. The choice is the author’s.
Images in this class must originate from the author’s own image. The use of third party brushes and/or textures is permitted.
The use of other 3rd party image elements is prohibited.


All images are entered at the photographer’s risk and must be their own work entirely. The organisers regret they cannot accept liability for any loss or damage to any pictures entered into the Competitions (howsoever caused) nor for any loss or damage resulting there from.
By entering the Competitions the entrants will be deemed to have agreed to be bound by the Club Competition Rules and the Committee of Brandon & District Photographic Club (B&DPC) reserves the right to exclude any entry from a Competition at any time and have absolute discretion if the Committee has reason to believe that an entrant has breached these rules. A copy of the Club Competition Rules is emailed to every member at the start of each year.