Competition 3 Results

The results of our third competition of the club year, judged by Daphne Hanson are as follows:

Colour “Riverscape”

C25The River TeifiCarol Martin20
C33Count the Cranes David Walker20
C08FallJeffrey Prosser20
C22Autumn RiverCarol Martin19
C03The Old MillDarren Plestead18
C31A View From The BridgeJohn Percy18
C27River GardenMaggie Chapman18
C09The River Terrace CaféAndy Chapman17
C28Sailing On ThamesJim Love17
C23Whitby On The River EskMel Wellard17
C02Great Ouse ElyMichael Brown17
C24Bridge Over Troubled WaterDarren Plestead16
C13The Stour From Priory TowerDavid Butcher16
C29River PeopleJeffrey Prosser16
C06Reflections On ThamesJim Love16
C11River Great OuseMaggie Chapman16
C16Kings BanksMireille Rowland16
C17River Gavarnie, GedreRichard Lovelock16
C12Back WaterAndy Chapman15
C26It’s Water Under The BridgeDavid Butcher15
C04Little Ouse Knettishall HeathMichael Brown15
C30Howe HillPat Childerhouse15
C21River Conwy, LlanrwstRichard Lovelock15
C15Palm Tree ReflectionsShirley Glaister15
C05Pedal BoatsSue Childerhouse15
C07In SpateTim Bridge15
C18Saved By A ShrubShirley Glaister14
C34Tower BridgeDavid Walker13
C10Tagus RiverMel Wellard13
C19Moon RiverPat Childerhouse13
C01Out From The LockSue Childerhouse13
C14Icelandic FallsTim Bridge13

Monochrome “Dramatic Wood”

M20Root Of The ProblemJeffrey Prosser20
M14Driftwood On BeachJim Love20
M05A Tree Seen Through An ArchDarren Plestead19
M27Stark lime tree David Walker19
M13Into The WoodsJeffrey Prosser19
M18An Old Oak DoorCarol Martin18
M22A Tunnel Of TreesCarol Martin17
M15New From OldDavid Butcher17
M23The Living And The DeadRichard Lovelock17
M01Driftwood DolphinShirley Glaister17
M25Ghost BirchTim Bridge17
M10When The Bough BreaksDavid Butcher16
M28Sea Defence David Walker16
M16The Green ManMaggie Chapman16
M08Quasimodo TreeRichard Lovelock16
M07Elephant Tree TrunkShirley Glaister16
M21Abandoned JettyDarren Plestead15
M19Owl Whoo Jim Love15
M03Old Man Of The WoodJohn Percy15
M02Woodland SceneMichael Brown15
M26Windmill In FisheyePat Childerhouse15
M12Bottled UpSue Childerhouse15
M17Whistling WoodAndy Chapman14
M24BreakwaterMichael Brown14
M04Peeling BarkSue Childerhouse14
M06The DryadTim Bridge14
M09December’s LightingMireille Rowland13
M11The Olde CartPat Childerhouse13

Open “Children’s Stories & Nursery Rhymes”

D06Hey DiddleRichard Lovelock20
D13Heigh Ho , Heigh HoMichael Brown19
D01Come With Me To Never Never LandMichael Brown18
D11Old Mother HubbardCarol Martin17
D10Kapow!, Bam, BoomDavid Butcher17
D14Alice’s WorldRichard Lovelock17
D09The Old Curiosity ShopAndy Chapman16
D19Hamish On Old Mcdonald’s FarmCarol Martin16
D03Row, Row Row Your BoatDarren Plestead16
D21Hickory Dickory Dock the mouse ran up the clock David Walker16
D17Jemima Puddle DuckMaggie Chapman16
D15Oranges & Lemons Shirley Glaister16
D05Hairy PotterTim Bridge16
D07Incey Wincey SpiderTim Bridge16
D04Legend Of The GuardiansAndy Chapman15
D16The Lion KingDarren Plestead15
D12I’m The King Of The CastleDavid Butcher15
D20Floppy Mopsy & Cotton tailDavid Walker15
D08Once Upon A TimeJohn Percy15
D18Peter RabbitMireille Rowland15
D02Jack And The BeanstalkShirley Glaister15

Any print that scored 18 or above has qualified to be include in May’s “All Winners” competition. These prints may not be entered in any other B&DPC competition.