Competition 2 Results

The scores from the second competition of the season, judged by Andy Wilson on 13th November are as follows:

Colour – free choice of subject

Ramani the Indian DancerCarol Martin20
Soft White DahliaJim Love20
Look into my eyesPat Childerhouse19
On the TurnRichard Lovelock19
harlequinesqueTim Bridge19
SummertimeAndy Chapman18
Scarborough HarbourDavid Butcher18
The Street DrummerDavid Walker18
The family OutingMel Wellard18
King VultureMick Brown18
Enjoying the SunsetTim Bridge18
Long eared owlAndy Chapman17
Big skies over CleyDale Wellard17
Wells next to seaJohn Percy17
Frog at nightMaggie Chapman17
Oystercatcher familyPat Childerhouse17
Steam TrainSue Childerhouse17
Family Life of BluetitsDavid Walker16
African SunriseJeff Prosser16
Dazzling DahliaJim Love16
PineconesMaggie Chapman16
Coming In To LandShirley Glaister16
Dangerous LadyCarol Martin15
RosesDarren Plestead15
MayflyMick Brown15
Awaiting the FloodRichard Lovelock15
Tiger at LongleatDarren Plestead14
West of West Bay, DorsetDavid Butcher14
Eagle EyedJeff Prosser14
Black BeautyJohn Percy14
It’s a long way to BlakeneyMel Wellard14
Pack Horse BridgeDale Wellard13
Shaggy ParasolShirley Glaister13
Round the bendSue Childerhouse13

Monochrome – “Dereliction”

Through the WindowsDale Wellard20
It’s Got Potential!Carol Martin19
Borehole PumpPat Childerhouse19
EngagedMick Brown18.5
An Abandoned Builder’s StoreCarol Martin18
Abbey RuinsDale Wellard18
Our Cottage HospitalDavid Walker18
Left to rotJim Love18
Down to EarthMirielle Rowlands18
Beached on the MarshDarren Plestead17
Clearing the Way.David Butcher17
It’s written on the wallsMel Wellard17
Field Barn FarmPat Childerhouse17
The Grand Old LadyRichard Lovelock17
Remains Of Greyfriars. DunwichShirley Glaister17
Leaky BoatTim Bridge17
Those That Have NotDavid Walker16
SkeletalJeff Prosser16
In need of TLCJohn Percy16
Rusting awayMel Wellard16
Hidden DepthsRichard Lovelock16
Rescue MeSue Childerhouse16
Rust in PeaceTim Bridge16
Walls EndJeff Prosser15
For RentMick Brown15
CollapsedSue Childerhouse15
Derelict Building, Haddenham, Darren Plestead14
Lost DreamDavid Butcher14
Houghton House RuinsJim Love14
A Place In the sunShirley Glaister14
Brograve millJohn Percy13

Open – free choice of subject

The CrescentDavid Walker20
ExcaliburDavid Walker20
TeaselAndy Chapman19
Let There be LightShirley Glaister18.5
Derek the Morris ManCarol Martin18
Round And Round And Round We GoMick Brown18
Lowestoft MarinaMick Brown18
Honouring the Missing ManRichard Lovelock18
A Hole In OneShirley Glaister18
Fowey PanoramaTim Bridge18
The Water Clock on Southwold PierCarol Martin17
Brancaster Staithe.David Butcher17
Darkness FallingJeff Prosser17
Night Steps to the AbbeySue Childerhouse17
Goldie HornDavid Butcher16
AdjustmentsPat Childerhouse16
Hotel WalhamPat Childerhouse16
Checking the Delivery. Richard Lovelock16
Tide’s OutSue Childerhouse16
Idyllic pondAndy Chapman15
Southwold seagullMaggie Chapman15
On WindermereTim Bridge15
Red PandaDarren Plestead14
Hot RodDarren Plestead14
TrackedJeff Prosser14
Picnic in the parkMaggie Chapman14
The Scratch PostMirielle Rowlands14

Congratulations to all, it was good to see a wide range of entries. All prints that scored 18 or above are elegible for the end of season “All-Winners” competition – when they could become our Photograph of the Year. These high scorers may not be entered in any other club competition.