Trips Competition

Entries are now invited for this year’s trips competition – closing date is Friday  27th Jan at midnight.

Each member may enter up to three prints, which can be straight colour, mono or digitally manipulated.  The only restriction is that the image, or the major part of a digitally manipulated image, MUST have been taken  on a club trip since last year’s competition.  A list of eligible trips will be provided shortly.

Enter here: [ewz_show_webform identifier=”trip”]

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Pat’s Film Competition

Entries are now invited for this competition for pictures taken using a film camera.  Closing date is midnight of Friday

Entries should be no larger than 7” x 5” and mounted; each member can enter up to two images (open subject) plus a further two depicting a film title.

In the interest of fair play, the committee reserve the right to ask to see the original negative (or slide).

Please enter here: [ewz_show_webform identifier=”film”]

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