Macro Competition Results

21Focus on InfinityMick Brown20Winner
6His NibsJeff Prosser20Runner-up
3SpiderMick Brown19
18Taking a RestCaralyn Walker19
203 Denarius trioRichard
2Cutting EdgeJeff Prosser18
19CoinedTim Bridge18
4Hanging by a legCaralyn Walker17
8Pale Tussock Moth
Shirley Glaister17
14Life on the EdgeCaralyn Walker17
1Not A Gardeners Delight Shirley Glaister16
9Monster!Denise Whiting16
11Bee On Campanula Shirley Glaister16
16Signet RingRichard
22PointlessJeff Prosser16
5Eye of the PeacockDavid Walker15
10Eye of the StormMick Brown15
13a Row of RoosTim Bridge15
17A Girl’s Best FriendTim Bridge15
7We Three PetalsRichard
12Hoverfly landingDavid Walker14
15The Queen’s HeadDavid Walker14
23Morning DewDenise Whiting14

JPEG Competition “Field and Forest Fungi”

Jan 9th 2019 will see our next JPEG or projected image competition.  Unlike our print competitions, we do not invite a judge for the evening – rather all members present get to score all the entries.  The individual score sheets are then tallied to find the winner.

All members are invite to submit up to THREE image files, each of which must conform to the set theme.

All pictures to be titled, and the filename should be the title.  All entries must be with the Competition Secretary before Saturday 5th January.

November Print Competition

Results from November’s competition are below.  Many thanks to all who entered, and an extra thank you to Richard who had to act as M/C in my absence.

Competition (2) 14/11/18
Colour Open Points  
C01 Gower Sunset Liz Blake 19  
C02 All Aboard Michael Brown 15  
C03 Fruits many drinks Martin Massingham 15  
C04 Stained Glass Window Darren Plested 18  
C05 Which Way to the Steampunk Festival? David Walker 15  
C06 After the Rain Denise Whiting 19  
C07 Abused Tuba Caralyn Walker 20  
C08 Bruge at Night Pat Childerhouse 17  
C09 Street Drummer David Walker 17  
C10 Breckland Pines Jason Whichelow 12  
C11 Bully Michael Brown 20  
C12 Sabers ready! Jim Love 16  
C13 Wyming Brook, Peak District Jeff Prosser 16  
C14 Stamens 3 Shirley Glaister 15  
C15 Rusty Groynes Carol Martin 14  
C16 Cantley Reflections Liz Blake 16  
C17 Dunstanburgh Tim Bridge 14  
C18 Rugged Coastline Carol Martin 15  
C19 Peony Denise Whiting 20  
C20 Kestrel Darren Plested 16  
C21 London from the Thames Caralyn Walker 14  
C22 Archway Sue Childerhouse 15  
  C23 On who’s orders? Jim Love 14  
  C24 Walkies Martin Massingham 16  
  C25 View from the Viaduct Pat Childerhouse 18  
  C26 Bluebell Wood Jason Whichelow 14  
  C27 Ferrari Fraternity Richard Lovelock 17  
  C28 Foxglove Glade Shirley Glaister 10  
  C29 The Heart of the Water Jeff Prosser 17  
  C30 St Marks Square, Venice Sue Childerhouse 16  
  C31 Collonges-la-Rouge, Window Richard Lovelock 17  
  C32 Lilian Tim Bridge 15  
  C33 Rustwart, East Yorkshire John Percy 14  
  C34 Reflections John Percy 14  
  C35 Ready ofr the Festival Stephen Gregory 17  
  C36 An Autumn Mushroom Stephen Gregory 16  
Mono “Churches” Points  
M01 Spanish Church Tower Denise Whiting 16  
M02 Lincoln Cathedral Caralyn Walker 17  
M03 Whitby Abbey Andrew Kapherr 16  
M04 Nave, Worcester Cathedral Jeff Prosser 12  
M05 Graveyard Darren Plested 13  
M06 Happisburgh Tower Tim Bridge 13  
M07 Ely Cathedral (2) Pat Childerhouse 17  
M08 Ely Cathedral Jason Whichelow 12  
M09 Bury Cathedral Tower Sue Childerhouse 14  
M10 Russian Orthodox Church Jim Love 18  
M11 St Edmundsbury Cathedral Window Shirley Glaister 14  
M12 Window Detail, Ely Cathedral Jeff Prosser 20  
M13 Village Church Darren Plested 15  
M14 Notre Dame Liz Blake 14  
M15 The Sound of Silence Richard Lovelock 19  
M16 In Remembrance Liz Blake 14  
M17 Old and Beautiful Martin Massingham 13  
M18 The Cathedral Alter Shirley Glaister 18  
M19 Bury Cathedral Sue Childerhouse 13  
  M20 The Little Church in the Woods Carol Martin 16  
  M21 Let There be Light Michael Brown 19  
  M22a Aislway Michael Brown 17  
  M22b lincoln Cathedral (2) David Walker 15  
  M23 Spires to Heaven Jim Love 19  
  M24 Ely Cathedral (2) Caralyn Walker 16  
  M25 Canterbury Cathedral Denise Whiting 18  
  M26 St John’s Jason Whichelow 18  
  M27 Church at Night Pat Childerhouse 16  
  M28 St Mary’s Carol Martin 11  
  M29 St Lawrence’s, Bourton on the Water David Walker 12  
  M30 St Cuthbert’s Funeral Tim Bridge 14  
  M31 Chapter House, Chester Cathedral Richard Lovelock 20  
  M32 White Out John Percy 12  
  M33 Ongar Church John Percy 14  
  M34 St Peter’s Brandon Stephen Gregory 20  
  M35 All Saints’ Croxton Stephen Gregory 19  
Digital Open Points  
D01 Factory Tanks Tim Bridge 17  
D02 Chinese Fire Dragon David Walker 16  
D03 Spring has Sprung Jason Whichelow 15  
D04 Autumn at Knettishall Heath Liz Blake 19  
D05 Grosmont Ghost Train Andrew Kapherr 14  
D06 Guardian Angel Caralyn Walker 13  
D07 Into the Vortex Denise Whiting 16  
D08 Red Lilly Lights Shirley Glaister 16  
D09 Storm Clouds over Grosmont Andrew Kapherr 14  
D10 Light Sabre Jason Whichelow 14  
D11 Tower Bridge Darren Plested 14  
D12 Jacob’s Flying Carpet David Walker 14  
D13 Boooomm!!! Shirley Glaister 14  
D14 The Drogo Drip Richard Lovelock 14  
D15 The Poppy Liz Blake 16  
D16 Boardman’s Crash Darren Plested 15  
D17 Remembrance Denise Whiting 13  
D18 Sweet, Sweet pea Caralyn Walker 17  
D19 Sunrise at Higgor Tor Jeff Prosser 12  
  D20 Flowers from Autumn Martin Massingham 15  
  D21 Impressions Jeff Prosser 17  
  D22 Cathedral Michael Brown 16  
  D23 Port of Felixstowe Michael Brown 16  
  D24 Happisburgh by Moonlight Tim Bridge 15  
  D25 Honesty, the Best Policy? Richard Lovelock 19  
  D26 Water end drops Stephen Greogory 20  
  D27 Unexpected Display Stephen Greogory 20

Print Competition October 2018

Thanks to all the members who entered – and special thanks to our judge, John Wrigley, who gave a critique on all the prints.  Everyone there now knows that pictures need to be SHARP and to have a relevant title.

Results from the evening are as follows:

Competition (1) 17/10/18
Colour “Nature” Points  
C01 Stamens 3 Shirley Glaister 15  
C02 Butterfly Darren Plestead 17  
C03 Dandelion Heads Sue Childerhouse 15  
C04 Peacock Butterfly John Percy 18  
C05 Sea Shells Caralyn Walker 19  
C06 I’m Bored Martin Massingham 18  
C07 Firecracker Penstemon Richard Lovelock 16  
C08 Sleepy Snow Leopard Liz Blake 18  
C09 Bluebells Tim Bridge 16  
C10 Swarm Pat Childerhouse 20  
C11 Eaten to the Core Richard Lovelock 18  
C13 Wait for Me Martin Massingham 15  
C14 Scruff Denise Whiting 19  
C15 To Bee or Not to Bee Sue Childerhouse 18  
C16 Dune Jeff Prosser 19  
C17 After the Rain Denise Whiting 17  
C18 Wild Flower Darren Plestead 19  
C19 Deer Skin & Antler Shirley Glaister 20  
C20 Nuthatch David Walker 18  
C22 Desert Sentinels Jeff Prosser 17  
  C23 Mallard Tim Bridge 16  
  C24 High Buzzard Pat Childerhouse 14  
  C25 Chilly Robin David Walker 14  
  C26 Fly Agaric John Percy 18  
  C27 There’ll be Blue Birds Over …. Caralyn Walker 18  
Mono Open Points  
M01 Late at Night Pat Childerhouse 18  
M02 A Bridge to Nowhere Martin Massingham 20  
M03 Castle Keep Tim Bridge 15  
M05 Spanish Armada Richard Lovelock 19  
M06 How Things Used to Be Martin Massingham 14  
M07 Starry, Starry Lights Shirley Glaister 15  
M08 Street Musician, Brick Lane Liz Blake 18  
M09 Pale/Picket Fence Richard Lovelock 14  
M10 Through the Arch Tim Bridge 20  
M12 Splash! Caralyn Walker 14  
M13 Brancaster John Percy 17  
M14 Overcast David Walker 20  
M15 Cley next to Sea John Percy 18  
M16 Jessie Caralyn Walker 19  
M17 Waiting Denise Whiting 17  
M18 Chimneys Denise Whiting 18  
M19 Pride Jeff Prosser 16  
  M20 Not For “Real” Shirley Glaister 14  
  M21 Window to the Soul Liz Blake 19  
  M22 Tree in Silhouette David Walker 12  
  M22 Cheetah Jeff Prosser 19  
  M23 Rope Making Pat Childerhouse 15  
Digital Open Points  
D01 Time after Time Denise Whiting 18  
D02 Queens House, Greenwich Tim Bridge 20  
D03 The Birds Tim Bridge 14  
D04 Lavenham Close Shirley Glaister 20  
D05 Mongoose Jeff Prosser 14  
D06 Bhangra Drummers Caralyn Walker 18  
D07 Silence of the Sheep Bradley 15  
D08 The Lido John Percy 19  
D09 Paint Fight Caralyn Walker 16  
D10 Busy Time Martin Massingham 15  
D11 Remember David Walker 19  
D12 Working the Land Denise Whiting 20  
D13 Checking the Bread Delivery Richard Lovelock 17  
D14 Nightmare in Colour David Walker 19  
D15 Volcanic Reminders Jeff Prosser 17  
D16 Solace of Snowdonia Bradley 13  
D17 Streak Free Panes Richard Lovelock 18  
D18 Booooom!!!! Shirley Glaister 17

Trips Competition

Entries are now invited for this year’s trips competition – closing date is Friday  27th Jan at midnight.

Each member may enter up to three prints, which can be straight colour, mono or digitally manipulated.  The only restriction is that the image, or the major part of a digitally manipulated image, MUST have been taken  on a club trip since last year’s competition.  A list of eligible trips will be provided shortly.

Enter here: [ewz_show_webform identifier=”trip”]

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Pat’s Film Competition

Entries are now invited for this competition for pictures taken using a film camera.  Closing date is midnight of Friday

Entries should be no larger than 7” x 5” and mounted; each member can enter up to two images (open subject) plus a further two depicting a film title.

In the interest of fair play, the committee reserve the right to ask to see the original negative (or slide).

Please enter here: [ewz_show_webform identifier=”film”]

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