League Standings

With just one round remaining, the league positions are as follows:

First NameLast NameRank ColourRank MonoRank DigitalOverall Rank
Darren Plested 11786
Richard Lovelock 3523
Shirley Glaister12745

The “Developing Photographer’s” league is:

First NameLast NameDev Colour RankDev Mono RankDev Digital RankDev Overall Rank

Competition 3 Results

The results of our third competition of the club year, judged by Daphne Hanson are as follows:

Colour “Riverscape”

C25The River TeifiCarol Martin20
C33Count the Cranes David Walker20
C08FallJeffrey Prosser20
C22Autumn RiverCarol Martin19
C03The Old MillDarren Plestead18
C31A View From The BridgeJohn Percy18
C27River GardenMaggie Chapman18
C09The River Terrace CaféAndy Chapman17
C28Sailing On ThamesJim Love17
C23Whitby On The River EskMel Wellard17
C02Great Ouse ElyMichael Brown17
C24Bridge Over Troubled WaterDarren Plestead16
C13The Stour From Priory TowerDavid Butcher16
C29River PeopleJeffrey Prosser16
C06Reflections On ThamesJim Love16
C11River Great OuseMaggie Chapman16
C16Kings BanksMireille Rowland16
C17River Gavarnie, GedreRichard Lovelock16
C12Back WaterAndy Chapman15
C26It’s Water Under The BridgeDavid Butcher15
C04Little Ouse Knettishall HeathMichael Brown15
C30Howe HillPat Childerhouse15
C21River Conwy, LlanrwstRichard Lovelock15
C15Palm Tree ReflectionsShirley Glaister15
C05Pedal BoatsSue Childerhouse15
C07In SpateTim Bridge15
C18Saved By A ShrubShirley Glaister14
C34Tower BridgeDavid Walker13
C10Tagus RiverMel Wellard13
C19Moon RiverPat Childerhouse13
C01Out From The LockSue Childerhouse13
C14Icelandic FallsTim Bridge13

Monochrome “Dramatic Wood”

M20Root Of The ProblemJeffrey Prosser20
M14Driftwood On BeachJim Love20
M05A Tree Seen Through An ArchDarren Plestead19
M27Stark lime tree David Walker19
M13Into The WoodsJeffrey Prosser19
M18An Old Oak DoorCarol Martin18
M22A Tunnel Of TreesCarol Martin17
M15New From OldDavid Butcher17
M23The Living And The DeadRichard Lovelock17
M01Driftwood DolphinShirley Glaister17
M25Ghost BirchTim Bridge17
M10When The Bough BreaksDavid Butcher16
M28Sea Defence David Walker16
M16The Green ManMaggie Chapman16
M08Quasimodo TreeRichard Lovelock16
M07Elephant Tree TrunkShirley Glaister16
M21Abandoned JettyDarren Plestead15
M19Owl Whoo Jim Love15
M03Old Man Of The WoodJohn Percy15
M02Woodland SceneMichael Brown15
M26Windmill In FisheyePat Childerhouse15
M12Bottled UpSue Childerhouse15
M17Whistling WoodAndy Chapman14
M24BreakwaterMichael Brown14
M04Peeling BarkSue Childerhouse14
M06The DryadTim Bridge14
M09December’s LightingMireille Rowland13
M11The Olde CartPat Childerhouse13

Open “Children’s Stories & Nursery Rhymes”

D06Hey DiddleRichard Lovelock20
D13Heigh Ho , Heigh HoMichael Brown19
D01Come With Me To Never Never LandMichael Brown18
D11Old Mother HubbardCarol Martin17
D10Kapow!, Bam, BoomDavid Butcher17
D14Alice’s WorldRichard Lovelock17
D09The Old Curiosity ShopAndy Chapman16
D19Hamish On Old Mcdonald’s FarmCarol Martin16
D03Row, Row Row Your BoatDarren Plestead16
D21Hickory Dickory Dock the mouse ran up the clock David Walker16
D17Jemima Puddle DuckMaggie Chapman16
D15Oranges & Lemons Shirley Glaister16
D05Hairy PotterTim Bridge16
D07Incey Wincey SpiderTim Bridge16
D04Legend Of The GuardiansAndy Chapman15
D16The Lion KingDarren Plestead15
D12I’m The King Of The CastleDavid Butcher15
D20Floppy Mopsy & Cotton tailDavid Walker15
D08Once Upon A TimeJohn Percy15
D18Peter RabbitMireille Rowland15
D02Jack And The BeanstalkShirley Glaister15

Any print that scored 18 or above has qualified to be include in May’s “All Winners” competition. These prints may not be entered in any other B&DPC competition.

League Results

After two competitions the league results are as follows:

First NameLast NameRank ColourRank MonoRank DigitalOverall Rank
Shirley Glaister8726
Richard Lovelock 4543
Darren Plested 12997

The standings in the Developing Photographer’s League are:

First NameLast Name Colour RankMono RankDigital RankOverall Rank

With print competitions still to come in January and April, these positions may well change. A blank space in the rankings indicates that that person hasn’t entered in that category. Members who have yet to enter a competition this year aren’t listed above.

Competition 2 Results

The scores from the second competition of the season, judged by Andy Wilson on 13th November are as follows:

Colour – free choice of subject

Ramani the Indian DancerCarol Martin20
Soft White DahliaJim Love20
Look into my eyesPat Childerhouse19
On the TurnRichard Lovelock19
harlequinesqueTim Bridge19
SummertimeAndy Chapman18
Scarborough HarbourDavid Butcher18
The Street DrummerDavid Walker18
The family OutingMel Wellard18
King VultureMick Brown18
Enjoying the SunsetTim Bridge18
Long eared owlAndy Chapman17
Big skies over CleyDale Wellard17
Wells next to seaJohn Percy17
Frog at nightMaggie Chapman17
Oystercatcher familyPat Childerhouse17
Steam TrainSue Childerhouse17
Family Life of BluetitsDavid Walker16
African SunriseJeff Prosser16
Dazzling DahliaJim Love16
PineconesMaggie Chapman16
Coming In To LandShirley Glaister16
Dangerous LadyCarol Martin15
RosesDarren Plestead15
MayflyMick Brown15
Awaiting the FloodRichard Lovelock15
Tiger at LongleatDarren Plestead14
West of West Bay, DorsetDavid Butcher14
Eagle EyedJeff Prosser14
Black BeautyJohn Percy14
It’s a long way to BlakeneyMel Wellard14
Pack Horse BridgeDale Wellard13
Shaggy ParasolShirley Glaister13
Round the bendSue Childerhouse13

Monochrome – “Dereliction”

Through the WindowsDale Wellard20
It’s Got Potential!Carol Martin19
Borehole PumpPat Childerhouse19
EngagedMick Brown18.5
An Abandoned Builder’s StoreCarol Martin18
Abbey RuinsDale Wellard18
Our Cottage HospitalDavid Walker18
Left to rotJim Love18
Down to EarthMirielle Rowlands18
Beached on the MarshDarren Plestead17
Clearing the Way.David Butcher17
It’s written on the wallsMel Wellard17
Field Barn FarmPat Childerhouse17
The Grand Old LadyRichard Lovelock17
Remains Of Greyfriars. DunwichShirley Glaister17
Leaky BoatTim Bridge17
Those That Have NotDavid Walker16
SkeletalJeff Prosser16
In need of TLCJohn Percy16
Rusting awayMel Wellard16
Hidden DepthsRichard Lovelock16
Rescue MeSue Childerhouse16
Rust in PeaceTim Bridge16
Walls EndJeff Prosser15
For RentMick Brown15
CollapsedSue Childerhouse15
Derelict Building, Haddenham, Darren Plestead14
Lost DreamDavid Butcher14
Houghton House RuinsJim Love14
A Place In the sunShirley Glaister14
Brograve millJohn Percy13

Open – free choice of subject

The CrescentDavid Walker20
ExcaliburDavid Walker20
TeaselAndy Chapman19
Let There be LightShirley Glaister18.5
Derek the Morris ManCarol Martin18
Round And Round And Round We GoMick Brown18
Lowestoft MarinaMick Brown18
Honouring the Missing ManRichard Lovelock18
A Hole In OneShirley Glaister18
Fowey PanoramaTim Bridge18
The Water Clock on Southwold PierCarol Martin17
Brancaster Staithe.David Butcher17
Darkness FallingJeff Prosser17
Night Steps to the AbbeySue Childerhouse17
Goldie HornDavid Butcher16
AdjustmentsPat Childerhouse16
Hotel WalhamPat Childerhouse16
Checking the Delivery. Richard Lovelock16
Tide’s OutSue Childerhouse16
Idyllic pondAndy Chapman15
Southwold seagullMaggie Chapman15
On WindermereTim Bridge15
Red PandaDarren Plestead14
Hot RodDarren Plestead14
TrackedJeff Prosser14
Picnic in the parkMaggie Chapman14
The Scratch PostMirielle Rowlands14

Congratulations to all, it was good to see a wide range of entries. All prints that scored 18 or above are elegible for the end of season “All-Winners” competition – when they could become our Photograph of the Year. These high scorers may not be entered in any other club competition.

Competition 1 Results

We had a good turn out for the first competion of the season. Our judge, David Steele, gave useful critiques of the prints and award marks as below.


02-Oct-19 Reflections

C01Sunrise at Thurne DykeCarol Martin20
C02Whitby ViaductShirley Glaister16
C03Church on the LakeRichard Lovelock17
C04Who’s watching who?Darren Plested16
C05Reflections on port-sideJim Love17
C06Reaching OutMick Brown15
C07Reflections X TwoJeff Prosser18
C08TranquilityDavid Walker16
C09Cheddar Gorge CavesSue Childerhouse16
C10Mirror ImageTim Bridge14
C11Angkor Wat at DawnJeff Prosser15
C12Big RedDavid Walker17
C13Bath at NightDarren Plested14
C14Charles BridgePat Childerhouse15
C15Bourne MillCarol Martin15
C16the duck in the pondMirielle Rowland13
C17Night Steps To The AbbeySue Childerhouse15
C18Alvis 1937Pat Childerhouse15
C19Rural ReflectionsShirley Glaister15
C20Bauble in the pondJim Love17
C21Reflecting on a MasterpieceTim Bridge19
C22Mind the stepIan Hanks16
C23Oxburgh HallMick Brown18
C24Minibus WindowsRichard Lovelock18
C25Chimes on Boscombe PierDavid Butcher19
C26Sunseeker Yard, PooleDavid Butcher16


D01Puddle WarningMaggie Chapman15
D02Sylvan PondTim Bridge16
D03Chenonceau Richard Lovelock18
D04The PhotographerJeff Prosser15
D05Sun DownerShirley Glaister14
D06Hotel WalhamPat Childerhouse16
D07Southbank LightsTim Bridge15
D08Bubble And BokehShirley Glaister19
D09Golden SandsIan Hanks15
D10Car WindowJeff Prosser18
D11Oh Darren!Maggie Chapman15
D12Sunset Over Old HunstantonCarol Martin15
D13SunglassesPat Childerhouse19
D14River CottageMick Brown20
D15ReflectionsJohn Percy15
D16Ely CathedralAndy Chapman16
D17”Pass the Soap Edith”David Walker17
D18Night LightsMick Brown18
D19Idyllic PondAndy Chapman15
D20Sunset in the AndesRichard Lovelock16
D21Captured ReflectionsDavid Walker14
D22Riverbank ReflectionsDarren Plested16
D23Still WatersDarren Plested16
D24Getting ReadyCarol Martin19

02-Oct-19Free Choice

M01The Colledge RunJohn Percy16
M02Just RacingDarren Plested17
M03Looking for a HomeDavid Walker16
M04Bad To The BoneAndy Chapman15
M05Boat QueueJim Love16
M06Russian TankPat Childerhouse15
M07Medway, Past & PresentJim Love18
M08Flying HighMaggie Chapman14
M09St Enedock’s ChurchTim Bridge16
M10KayleighIan Hanks20
M11The Angel HotelCarol Martin18
M12Dandelion SeedsShirley Glaister15
M13Stonemasons DreamMaggie Chapman16
M14PanMick Brown17
M15The Cheerful Log PileRichard Lovelock18
M16Siberian TigerMick Brown20
M17Fond MemoriesCarol Martin18
M18St Peter’s In RuinsShirley Glaister18
M19BrancasterJohn Percy17
M20The Bridge to NowhereRichard Lovelock15
M21Land Girls PloughingPat Childerhouse17
M22London RiversideDavid Walker18
M23Keeping my eye on youTim Bridge15
M24VictoriaDavid Butcher15
M25Sea AnglerDavid Butcher17

Annual Awards

The Ian Hanks Cup for Colour Prints

1st Caralyn Walker 147 points

2nd Denise Whiting 139 points

3rd Jeff Prosser 137 points

The David Bimson Cup for Mono Prints

1st Denise Whiting 140 points

2nd Pat Childerhouse 138 points

3rd Caralyn Walker and Jeff Prosser, each with 136 points

The Robert Hubbard Cup for Digital Prints

1st Denise Whiting 381 points

2nd Caralyn Walker 380 points

3rd Richard Lovelock 367 points

Developing Photographers

1st Darren Plested 287 points

2nd Mick Brown 270 points

3rd Carol Martin 180 points

Mick Brown & Darren Plested will not be eligible for Developing Photographer next season.


Winner: Mick Brown with “Focus on Infinity”

Runner up: Jeff Prosser with “His Nibs”

All Winners Competition Results



Jeff Prosser

“Thetford Forest Sunrise”
2ndMick Brown“Bookworm”
3rdCaralyn Walker“Jessica-Katelyn”


1stJohn Percy“Cley Next to Sea”
2ndJeff Prosser“Window Detail, Ely Cathedral”
3rdCaralyn Walker“Hoodie”

Creative / Digital

1stCarol MartinSt Edmundsbury Cathedral
2ndRichard LovelockRottingdean Windmill
3rdDavid WalkerRemember

Picture of the Year

The winner is John Percy’s “Cley Next to Sea” and the runner -up Jeff Prosser’s “Thetford Forest Sunrise”.

Competition Results 27/3/19

The European Parliament, StrasbourgCaralyn Walker20
Thetford Forest SunriseJeffrey Prosser20
frosty gardenColin Pearson19
Thurne MillCarol Martin19
My Name is ‘Happiness’Carol Martin18
Luke MossyPat Childerhouse18
PortmeirionJason Whichelow17
CentredJim Love17
Early train Jason Whichelow17
Thin Walkers’ way Richard Lovelock17
On the EdgeDavid Walker17
Just Walk on ByCaralyn Walker16
And so to Roost Richard Lovelock16
Close EncounterDavid Walker16
White RoseDenise Whiting16
seal appealColin Pearson16
Here We Go AgainDarren Plested16
FlamesJim Love16
Depth Of FieldShirley Glaister16
Stand ClearTim Bridge16
Autumn Padley GorgeJeffrey Prosser15
Froggy would a wooing goTim Bridge15
SerenityDenise Whiting15
RosesDarren Plested15
Anglesey Abbey MillSue Childerhouse15
Larpool ViaductPat Childerhouse15
Cambridge PuntsSue Childerhouse15
Dawns Rays On Frosty Glade Shirley Glaister14
The Dark SideJeffrey Prosser20
Cocoa is WaitingDenise Whiting19
The AbbeyPat Childerhouse19
ReflectionsDenise Whiting18
Just RacingDarren Plested17
London RiversideDavid Walker17
Castle RisingJason Whichelow17
St Cuthbert’s FuneralTim Bridge17
GondolaSue Childerhouse17
BrugesPat Childerhouse17
Derek the Morris ManCarol Martin16
StumpJeffrey Prosser16
A Touch of FrostShirley Glaister16
CharlotteCarol Martin16
Angels in cloudsJim Love16
Sikh GuruDavid Walker16
Chatham Dock, Roof StructureCaralyn Walker16
Pause For Thought Shirley Glaister16
Away All BoatsSue Childerhouse16
Storm Clouds Richard Lovelock15
water world Colin Pearson15
Lost and AloneCaralyn Walker15
That Knowing LookDarren Plested15
CranesJason Whichelow15
Put it on the Slate Richard Lovelock14
Rye MillTim Bridge14
wide expanceColin Pearson13
SquirrelJim Love13
DigitalLooking UpPoints
Flying HighDenise Whiting20
St Edmundsbury CathedralCarol Martin20
High TowersDavid Walker19
5 Gold Blings And Misty Moon Shirley Glaister18
VeronaSue Childerhouse18
RobinDarren Plested17
Rottingdean Windmill Richard Lovelock17
Good Shot Biggles!David Walker17
Waterloo Station RoofingCaralyn Walker17
Rainbow Fireworks Shirley Glaister17
Cologne CathedralPat Childerhouse17
How do you spell Encyclopedia?Caralyn Walker16
Birds in FlightDarren Plested16
Open ChurchTim Bridge16
VeniceSue Childerhouse16
StraburgPat Childerhouse16
Felixstowe Pier Carol Martin15
Looking it UpDenise Whiting15
The BirdsTim Bridge15
Vultures Awaiting You for Dinner Richard Lovelock14

March Competition Open for Entries

Entries are now being accepted for the club competition on 27th March.

Colour and Mono classes are open – you have a completely free choice of subject. Entries for the Digital/Creative class are to be on the theme of “Looking Up”.

The closing date for entries is midnight on Friday 22nd March

Workshop Competition Results

Thanks are due to all the members who took part, and to our judge Howard King for his constructive critiques.

The results are:

Colour Section

C09BookwormMick Brown20
C16Jessica-KatelynCaralyn Walker20
C21Flowers in IceCaralyn Walker20
C20Our JessDavid Walker19
C01AhhShirley Glaister18
C04The Dark Quadrant Richard Lovelock18
C14Girl with the Blue UmbrellaJeff Prosser18
C22Mary PoppinsPat Childerhouse18
C03Clowning around Jim Love17
C12Spinning Top Denise Whiting17
C15Kia with BrollyDavid Walker17
C02Bright Spells with Rainy InterludesDarren Plested16
C05Summer Fields Denise Whiting16
C10Candle-litTim Bridge16
C13Look AwayDarren Plested16
C17Going on a Bug Hunt Richard Lovelock16
C19Ghost TrainMick Brown16
C06Soft GlowPat Childerhouse15
C07KiaJeff Prosser15
C08ZorroJim Love14
C11FireballTim Bridge14
C18Me And My Shadow Shirley Glaister14

Monochrome Section

M08HoodieCaralyn Walker20
M19Sultry LadyCarol Martin20
M04SueJeff Prosser19
M14Hello CheekyCaralyn Walker19
M03SistersPat Childerhouse18
M09Having FunPat Childerhouse18
M22Still in love Jim Love18
M02Lady Statues at Anglesey Abbey Mick Brown17
M05DanniDavid Walker17
M06Reading by Night Denise Whiting17
M10Kia (2)Ian Hanks17
M12Gerbera Wall Art Denise Whiting17
M16Fente De, Picos de Europa Richard Lovelock17
M17Just ThinkingDarren Plested17
M20Pause For Thought Shirley Glaister17
M18Eyes on the weather Jim Love16
M21Ornamental Grass Mick Brown16
M07See-youTim Bridge15
M11KiaDavid Walker15
M1312th NightRichard Lovelock15
M15Sue by CandlelightDarren Plested15
M24Winter Triptich Shirley Glaister15
M01The Dark SideJeff Prosser14
M23Aldeburgh TriptychTim Bridge14

Creative/Digital Section

D07St Andrew’sTim Bridge20
D09Rottingdean Windmill Richard Lovelock20
D05Webley Under CoverPat Childerhouse19
D12Moving Light CurtainDavid Walker19
D10In the Pink Denise Whiting18
D11Doctor WhoPat Childerhouse18
D14Abbaye de Sylvanes Richard Lovelock18
D01Utter MadnessCaralyn Walker17
D06St Mary BeachamwellTim Bridge17
D15Inside a Light Show Denise Whiting17
D08Christmas BouquetCaralyn Walker16
D03Fading AwayJeff Prosser15
D04Moonlight n Bubbly People Shirley Glaister15
D13Globe within a GlobeDavid Walker15
D02Flying Saucers Shirley Glaister14

All pictures scoring 18 or more points are eligible for the All Winners competition on May 8th.