Annual Awards

The Ian Hanks Cup for Colour Prints

1st Caralyn Walker 147 points

2nd Denise Whiting 139 points

3rd Jeff Prosser 137 points

The David Bimson Cup for Mono Prints

1st Denise Whiting 140 points

2nd Pat Childerhouse 138 points

3rd Caralyn Walker and Jeff Prosser, each with 136 points

The Robert Hubbard Cup for Digital Prints

1st Denise Whiting 381 points

2nd Caralyn Walker 380 points

3rd Richard Lovelock 367 points

Developing Photographers

1st Darren Plested 287 points

2nd Mick Brown 270 points

3rd Carol Martin 180 points

Mick Brown & Darren Plested will not be eligible for Developing Photographer next season.


Winner: Mick Brown with “Focus on Infinity”

Runner up: Jeff Prosser with “His Nibs”